Syrian Standard Information

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Agouti colours

An agouti colour meaning the hamster will haven undercoat colour differing to the top coat colour, and also have crescents, cheek flashes and (often) ticking. Please look here for the standard agouti colours.

Self colours

All self colours are from recessive colours only (either singly or in combination) Self refers to the fact that the animal is the same colour all over, lacking the classic agouti markings and undercoat. With the exception of self, which does have an under coat colour. Please look here for the standard self colours.

Coat Patterns

Syrian hamsters have 4 known pattern variations, these add a white patterning to the hamster, or a patterning of two colours (in the case of tortoiseshell)

Coat Types

Syrians have a few different coat types. These gives a different look and feel to the fur on the hamster.