The Syrian Hamster

The most common type of hamster to be kept as a pet is the Syrian hamster. They are the larger and chunkier of the hamsters kept as pets, usually about 4 to 6 inches in length. The Syrian hamster is a solitary animal, which is where it most prominently differs to the dwarf pet hamsters. If they live in groups past approximately 8 to 10 weeks old they will start to fight in a very serious way, which could lead to the death of some or all of those involved. Syrian hamsters come in a wide range of different colours, patterns and fur types, please visit our page on Syrian Standards for more information. Syrian hamsters make great pets for children they are simple to take care of and due to their large size are easy to handle.

Also unlike some of the dwarf hamsters, Syrians remain tame even after long periods of not being handled. Syrians can be very friendly creatures to humans and love to cuddle and explore.
Little Slack2

Like with all hamsters they are nocturnal and so are asleep for most of the day. They are felt to have rather poor eye sight and can be easily startled when waking, so best to avoid disturbing their rest.

Syrians have two prominent markings on their hips (it can be quite hidden in some though) these are the hamsters sent glands and nothing to worry about; they use them to rub against the sides of their home to mark their territory.

Syrians usually live to the age of 2 1/2 to 3 years old.