There are many other good sites out there with information on hamsters.

As a member of the Northern Hamster Club, and so Part of the National Hamster Council, i feel i had better put a link to them first!

National Hamster Council,

Northern Hamster Club

Hamster Forums I would recommend are

Mad About Hamsters

Hamster Central

There are a number of different breeders out there that i would recommend, all have one feature in common, they are a member of an NHC affiliated club (either Northern, Midland or Southern). As such i know they follow the rules and code of conduct set down by the NHC, and breed toward objectives. The NHC standards encourage healthy, long lived, tame hamsters.

A list of registered NHC prefixes can be found here, i personally would always check to make sure a breeder was on this list before purchasing a hamster from them. (Yes we are on the list, Nooboo Hamstery!)