Chinese Dwarf Hamster Standard Information

Chinese Standard Colours

Normal (agouti)

A dominant colour (represented by ++). The hamster should be brown with a chestnut tint which is carried down 1/3 of the hair shaft; the hairs should be ticked lightly with a dark brown. This can give the animal a more mahogany type appearance. The base colour should be slate grey, with belly fur an off white with a slate grey under colour. The hamster should have a defined straight line dividing the top coat from the belly fur extending from the nose over the cheeks down along the sides of the hamster. There should be a black dorsal stripe present extending from the forehead right down to the tip of the tail. The eyes should be black and the ears a dark brown with off white edging rims. A common issue with normal Chinese is that they are grey in appearance, this is heavily penalised in showing the colour should be a rich brown.

Chinese Standard Patterns

Dominant Spot

This is a dominant colour (represented by Dsds). The hamster should have the look of a white hamster with coloured spots or patches, these patches should be clearly defined and evenly distributed over the hamster (though there is often a concentration of this colour down the dorsal stripe which is permitted without penalisation in showing). The belly fur should be white on the hamster, the eyes black and the ears as the normal Chinese standard, however light patches on the ears are allowed in showing. Great care should be taken regarding the colour of the coloured patches. All too often Chinese Dom spots are grey in their colour, and not the rich brown they should be!