Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamster Nonstandard Coat Patterns


A dominant pattern (Represented by Mimi or Momo ) this patterning works similarly to White belly in Syrians, where any hamster gaining this on both sides will be eyeless whites, but these tend to die at a young age when Mi. they also show a redness to the eyes rather than a pure black (if the 'natural' colour should be black). The Mo variety of mottled does not have this down side but is rather rare! The extent of the mottling varies greatly; the collared or banded campbells are a version of this mottling, where it has formed into a band around the hop half of the hamster behind the head. Mottling though can be as the name implies, where the animal is like a dominant spot Syrian, a white animal with coloured spots (though more often it appears more as a coloured animal with white spots). Care should be taken on fur quality when breeding these, as often the coat can lack the softness of other Campbell’s coats.


A dominant pattern (represented by Sisi) White hairs run through the hamsters coat, giving a paled effect, sometimes the agouti markings are left quite clear but often the side arches are paled significantly and the dorsal strip absent. by combining platinum to platinum you can get very white offspring, either black eyed whites or red eyed whites (depending which colour is 'underneath' the pattern). The red eyed white though isn’t a true albino (which is a separate colour) but can be easily confused as the double platinum washes out almost all colour. Often a tell tale sign will be a tiny patch of off white on the head which is absent from true albinos, also they may have a mottled appearance on the ears.