Bedding and Nesting

To start this section I feel that I need to make it extremely clear to never use fluffy nesting materials, fibre nesting should never be put in the hamster cage, this is a warning, please NEVER use fluffy nesting. It may say its safe for hamsters but it is not! There have been many reported injuries from hamsters that nest in fluffy bedding and also deaths from them eating it, it is simply not worth the risk or the price when economy white toilet paper shredded up makes a fine nesting material for any hamster.

Now to bedding. The difference between nesting and bedding is a simple one, bedding is the covering that goes onto the hamsters’ cage floor, and nesting is what the hamster uses to create their nest. there are really two main types of bedding, wood shavings (not dust as the little fine particles are bad for a hamsters respiratory system and for their eyes) or paper based products, like 'Carefresh' which is made from reclaimed wood pulp waste, as it would normally be thrown away its environmentally friendly, and also absorbs smells better than shavings I find. Personally I have moved on from 'Carefresh' to you 'Megazorb' which is also wood based bedding but has finer pieces than 'Carefresh' it was though first created for horse bedding!

Bedding should be piled at least two inches deep on the flooring of the hamster home. Some types of hamster, especially winter white Russian dwarf hamsters, like to burrow a lot in the bedding so I usually give my winter whites between 4 and 5 inches or a deep corner for them.

Long haired hamsters, especially the males can get their bedding matted into their fur, if this becomes a problem some breeders feel that wood based cat litter makes good bedding, I myself have a long haired male living upon it. Some do believe it is rather rough on their feet though.

What bedding you use, be it paper based or wood shavings, is really a personal choice. Both are fine for the hamster, it is what you feel best using. (Though I must say paper based is softer on the feet if it spills out the cage!)