Nooboo Hamstery

Why Hamsters?

Hamsters are one of the best pets around, whether it’s a Syrian, or a dwarf. They make a great first pet for children as they are so easy to care for (not like a puppy which can be an overwhelming challenge with it needing to be house trained and given obedience training for example) while still teaching a child responsibility, as an owner needs to change the water, make sure the hamster is fed, maybe check their is sand in the sand bath, and general tidying of the cage as a clean cage is one that will not smell!

There are different benefits to each type of hamster. For example, Syrians are a nice big hamster, making them easy for little hands to hold and also they tend to stay tame even after an absence of handling. Roborovski hamsters on the other hand are the smallest pet hamster commonly for sale, they can usually act more like fuzzy goldfish as they are best left in a nice big tank and watched as they are incredibly fast. I myself handle my Roborovski hamsters but I know many that don’t, either way as long as the hamster has an enriching environment it is happy.

Hamsters that live in solid sided homes also make no mess, which is a great positive, and most hamster homes take up little room. These features make them a great pet for an apartment or flat.

A hamster should not be an impulse buy, they are creatures and not toys, they cannot simply be put away and forgotten, they need care and attention. Consult as much information as you can regarding hamsters, on the internet, in books on forums such as those listed in my links page.

The next thing to consider is what hamster you would like. A dwarf hamster? A Syrian hamster? If you want a Syrian what colour? There are easily over 40 colours of Syrian hamster at the moment, many new mutations could be occurring as you read this. What fur type? Or even what sex. Many people find male hamsters to be the more docile, friendly and easier to handle. Though a long haired male can take extra work in grooming. Others believe that females have more character.

Why choose a hobbyist breeder?

It is not common knowledge that pet shop hamsters are on the whole bred in their hundreds by commercial breeders. These hamsters are taken away from their mothers at a very young age and transported around the country after very little human contact. The result? Well these hamsters tend to be quite a lot smaller than the hamsters you will get from a hobbiest hamster breeder. Because all my hamsters are handled from the day their eyes open they are also considerably tamer than those you will find in a pet shop. I will never sell a hamster if I am not confident it is tame. Due to the stresses the pet shop hamsters have been through they are also prone to ‘wet tail’, which can be fatal to many young hamsters especially if veterinary help is not sought quickly enough. As no contact is kept between the breeder and the pups many genetic illness and faults can be overlooked. Meaning timid, tiny and perhaps ill hamsters.

This all adds up to quite a remarkable difference. A small Hamstery like mine will usually only have up to two litters at the same time, meaning the time can be spent individually with each new hamster. They are household pets brought up in a household. Much emphasis is put on hand taming the hamsters to make the happy and enjoyable pets, while striving for the quality that will set them aside on the show bench.

Also when breeding I consider more than what will produce the best colours and quantity, I focus on quality, tameness, hamsters who are people friendly and healthy before I consider their colour and shape. All in all it means that only the best are bred from, helping to produce great offspring.

It’s sad as a hamster enthusiast to know there are so many hamsters turned in to rescue shelters, many are given away due to biting. By concentrating on breeding for a calm hamster and with the handling we do here we hope to eliminate this problem. We believe our hamsters will not bite unless provoked and some of them will not even then. I have only had two bites that have drawn blood and on each occasion I knew I was at fault.

When you visit my Hamstery you will be able to meet you chosen hamster’s parents, sometimes grand parents and siblings, aunts and uncles. By seeing the healthy stock it came from you can rest assured of your new arrivals quality.

We at Nooboo's Hamstery aim at rehoming our pups at between 5 and 8 weeks old. We encourage anyone thinking of getting a hamster to come and have a good look at them before deciding. When you buy one of my hamsters you will receive a birth certificate for the hamster, along with a family tree or pedigree where it is possible. Care sheets are also available. Also in case of any problem or question you will be able to contact me for advice, or if you can no longer keep your hamster I ask that you simply contact me.